24 February 2017

During the PHEBE project’s recent second year meeting, the consortium partners met in Luxembourg to discuss the latest progress made in developing ICT TADF and Exciplex TADF materials for blue emitters.

The presentations during the first half of the meeting covered:
  • Computational material design and photophysical investigation.
  • Synthesis of blue-emitting ICT TADF materials, including phenyl carbazoles, benzoates as well as fluorine and nitrile containing compounds.
  • Synthesis of blue-emitting Exciplex TADF materials, including carbazole-based compounds.
  • Characterisation activities including work on anisotropic TADF emission in thin films and CT state polaron interactions in TADF devices.

The discussions during the second half focused on timing and resource required to prepare and optimise a set of white stack units by autumn 2017.