The overall objective of the PHEBE project is to develop innovative, high-efficiency, blue emitters for white OLEDS, which will create a major breakthrough in the cost performance of OLED lighting. To produce the innovative blue emitters, two new types of molecular systems – without rare earth complexes - will be investigated:

  • intramolecular charge transfer systems that enable thermally activated delayed fluorescence (ICT-TADF)
  • intermolecular exciplex charge transfer systems that enable thermally activated delayed fluorescence (Exciplex- TADF)

In order to develop the ICT-TADF and Exciplex-TADF based emitters, the following scientific and technical objectives will be targeted:

  • Objective 1: Screen potential ICT-TADF and Exciplex-TADF compounds with theoretical models
  • Objective 2: Synthesise the most promising ICT-TADF and Exciplex-TADF model compounds
  • Objective 3: Characterise and select the best ICT-TADF and Exciplex-TADF synthesised compounds
  • Objective 4: Design white stack units employing the selected TADF based emitter and block materials
  • Objective 5: Design close-to-production OLED lighting panel demonstrators

To show the project’s overall objective has been achieved, white stack tandem units (2 x 2 cm2 with 90 nm ITO) and OLED lighting panel demonstrators (e.g. 25 cm2 circular panels) - based on the new blue emitters – will be produced and tested that meet the performance targets indicated in the H2020 call ICT 29 – 2014.

The PHEBE project will be undertaken by a strong consortium of partners that span the complete value chain for the development and commercialisation of the new, high-efficiency, blue emitters for white OLEDS: OLED lighting research organisations (Durham University, Technical University of Dresden and Kaunas Technological University), OLED component producer (Novaled), and OLED lighting device manufacturer (Astron-FIAMM). Overall, the PHEBE consortium is well-balanced in terms of the number of industrial and academic partners as well as their geographic spread.